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🌱 What skill or hobby are you willing to be bad at?🌱

As a photographer and business owner, I've learned the power of embracing what I’m not great at. For me, that's art. 👩🏾‍🎨

I’ve always loved and appreciated art and have an ongoing art supply addiction! But I gave up art in school because I felt I wasn’t good enough. 

But as I’ve got older I’ve grown to love just having a go and not get so caught up with the end result. 😅

Incorporating art into my routine has been transformative in so many ways: 

🎨 Embracing Imperfection: From sketching to watercolours, I've learned to see imperfection as part of the process and not get so stressed about it.

📸 Improving My Photography Skills: My art practice has enhanced my photography, teaching me the importance of attention to detail, composition and understanding colour theory to name a few.

💡 A Growth Mindset: As business owners, a growth mindset - where we see mistakes as opportunities to learn and develop - is crucial. 

🌱 It’s great for our emotional wellbeing: for business owners especially, we can get so caught up refining our skills because that’s how we make a living. But doing something ‘fun’ can help us relax and unwind - which is always a good thing!

🌟 How do you embrace opportunities for growth in your own life? 

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