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In Memory of Harris

A highlight for me in 2023 has been to have photographed nine year old Harris and his parents. I am so lucky to have met him. 💙

We met through Judith King from When You Wish Upon a Star. Harris had neuro-blastoma, and the cancer had progressed. When You Wish would grant a wonderful wish for Harris and his parents Ruth and Peter, which involved a week of fantastic experiences in Aberdeen. 

Part of that week would be a day at the VSA Easter Anguston farm, followed by a studio shoot of the family. These would all be photographed for a treasured memory book of Harris’ adventures in Aberdeen.

It was a beautiful, sunny October day when we all met at VSA Easter Anguston Farm. Harris reached out with his left hand to greet me. 🥰 He was clearly a sociable young man who loved being around people. It was easy to see why when you meey Harris’ mum and dad. Ruth and Peter both kind-hearted, warm and loving parents who have a great sense of humour. 😊

Those two days were filled with laughter and joy. Harris loved interacting with everyone around him, and taking everything in. You can certainly see that in the photos.

.Sadly, just weeks after we had met, Harris was admitted to ARI Children’s Hospital as the neuroblastoma had progressed. As ever, he was surrounded by love: the room was beautifully decorated by the hospital staff with lights, toys and Christmas decorations. All things that Harris loved.🎄💕

Harris passed away peacefully in hospital on 28th November.

I met Ruth and Peter a few weeks ;ater to provide the canvas wraps and the memory book. I am so grateful to have been the opportunity to have taken them.

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