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A Visual Journey with Jim Reid Vehicle Sales

What are your first impressions when you click on a typical car sales website? Apart from cars (of course) do they have the faces behind the business, and give you some context about how the business began? 

Does the website convey the faces behind the brand, to create the impression of a trustworthy, approachable and customer-focused company?

Or is it just stock images and a Google Map link to their salesroom?

First impressions matter, and a compelling visual identity can make all the difference. One business who completely get this are Jim Reid Vehicle Sales and Service. They have built a well-deserved reputation as a genuine and trustworthy family-run business who do so much for their local community, as well as providing outstanding customer service at all times.

I recently had the privilege to work with Jim and his team to capture the essence of their team and what they do through a series of headshots and storytelling images. After all, the authenticity of this business has to be reflected through genuine images of the team at work, as well as creating headshots which reflect their personalities. It was important to create digital assets which genuinely reflected their brand.

The Vision Behind the Lens:

This collaboration with Jim Reid Vehicle Sales began with a shared vision - to go beyond traditional stock imagery and create visual narratives that would resonate with their audience. Sales Director Phil Buchan along with Jim Reid and I discussed what they were looking for. The goal was not just to showcase the vehicles but to tell the stories behind them and the dedicated team at this highly regarded family business which makes it all possible.

The Headshots:

I started by capturing individual headshots of the team members. Each photograph was carefully composed to reflect the unique personality and professionalism of each team member. From the sales staff to the service technicians, the aim was to show the face behind the brand and establish a personal connection with potential customers.

Storytelling Images:

Moving beyond conventional portraits, we delved into the heart of the dealership to create storytelling images. These images sought to convey the passion, expertise, and commitment that Jim Reid Vehicle Sales brings to the car industry. Fraser and Aline did an amazing job in these photographs, where they showed what their work involves. or a salesperson engaging with a customer, every moment was captured to tell a story.


Working with Jim Reid Vehicle Sales was not just about taking photographs; it was about capturing moments and stories about a ‘day in the life’ of the business. Through a blend of headshots and storytelling images, this was a fantastic collaboration to create a visual identity that goes beyond the surface, inviting customers to connect with the people behind the brand. It’s been a real privilege to work with all Jim, Phil and their team. It’s not hard to see why Jim Reid Vehicle Sales has such a great reputation in car vehicle sales and servicing. 

If you're ready to elevate your brand through imagery which truly captures your business and brand, then I am here to turn your vision into a reality. Click here to book a clarity call where we can discuss your business photography goals together.

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