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Family Photoshoot
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Creatively Capturing Moments

If a picture paints a thousand words… a Seema Miah portrait captures so much more.

There are many great head shots for women in business. Then there is the exceptional portrait photo that truly portrays who a woman is as a person, her values and passion for her work. There are many wonderful photos of loved ones at milestone events. Then there is the exceptional family portrait that captures the personalities, connection, and celebration of that moment.


The creation of such photos requires a special bond between a photographer and their subjects - this is Seema Miah’s gift.

About Seema

How it all started...

The creative but introverted child of a British- Bangladeshi family, Seema often felt out of place growing up in Aberdeen, Scotland. Whilst she trained and taught as a Teacher of English, photography remained her side hobby and true passion. Her chosen career took her around the world to countries such as Thailand and Hungary where her interest in photography – and portfolio, grew.


Seema took photos at every opportunity as she sought to capture every place, person, and experience. Travel cultivated her photographer’s eye. More importantly Seema found confidence and self-expression through the lens of her camera.

On returning to Scotland Seema taught children and teenagers with additional support needs and completed her training as a Yoga Teacher and Transformational Coach. Her personal journey and this new professional skillset allowed her to bring out the best in students and translate their personalities into photos that parents, teachers and the students themselves loved. 

Being at home during lockdown reminded Seema that her favourite type of photography and what she missed most, was taking photos of people. In Spring 2020 Seema launched her portrait photography business… she was ready for when the world reopened.


Family Photo

Family Shoots

Portraits & Headshots

Professional Camera

A Bespoke Service

Seema Miah Photography specialises in bespoke headshots and individual portrait photography for women, as well as family portraits.


Seema knows a headshot or portrait session can be daunting. She takes the time to understand her clients and put them at ease, offering advice and support from choosing the right outfit to picking the final image. Her exceptional skill at building rapport with children turns the process of creating a unique family portrait into a fun experience. 


A Seema Miah portrait is a special and timeless investment in yourself and your family.

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