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Why I create self-portraits (even though the cringe never goes away!) 🫣

1. Portrait photography can be an intimidating experience. Putting myself in front of the camera is a regular reminder that chatting and engaging with my client is more important than faffing around with settings and lights.

2. It’s an exercise in putting myself out there. As a true introvert, I would always prefer to be behind the camera. But as a solo business owner, I want my clients to be able to relate to me and see who might be taking their portraits. 

3. It’s also an exercise in self-acceptance. Up until the last couple of years, I hated my appearance, and I know I had a strange view of myself - certainly a few people commented on it in the past.  It took a couple of personal losses, and working for years with children with additional needs, for me to realise that being an able-bodied, cognitively able person shouldn’t be taken for granted, and having a sense of gratitude for that is all important. ✨

4. It helps me to understand posing better. What kind of expressions and movements work and what doesn’t, for my body type? And what might work for others? 🤔

5. And most importantly: I can be expected to turn up for the shoot and give myself credit for taking the photo. 🤪

What about you? Do you show up for your business in a similar way? Or do you have other methods to promote your brand?

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