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How Tess is Empowering Midlife Women By Taking Part in the 50 Over 50 Project

Why Tess Believes in Empowering Midlife Women By Taking Part in the 50 Over 50 Project

"Turning 50 will be the beginning of a new chapter of wonder and many wise realisations. Be excited.'' That's what Tess believes, and it's why she's chose to take part in the 50 Over 50 portrait photography campaign. We'll explore why Tess is so passionate about exciting project to give women the chance to be seen and become truly visible - and how you can take part too.

Introduction to Tess

Tess is a South African born native who has established the highly successful Mindblox coaching and consulting service in Aberdeenshire. More recently she has become the Managing Director of Business Network International Scotland.

And all this while bringing up two teenagers and juggling her many other personal and business commitments!

What is the 50 Over 50 Project?

The 50 Over 50 Project is an initiative that seeks to empower midlife women through the creation of

beautiful portrait photography. It focuses on giving a voice to women who are often overlooked and underrepresented in the media.

Through the 50 Over 50 Project, I hope to create a community of supportive women who can lift each other up and help each other navigate this stage of life. Along with my participants, we hope to change the conversation around ageing, and show that midlife is not a time to be invisible or sidelined.

It's a time to celebrate our wisdom, experience, and strength.

Why Tess Participated in the 50 over 50 Campaign

When I first approached Tess about being a part in 50 over 50, she didn't hesitate to say yes. She believes in the power of women, especially midlife women, and knows that we all have so much to offer.

By speaking up and sharing her own story, Tess hopes to empower other women to live their best lives.

As Tess said, 'I will be 53 soon and feel this age is allowing me the pleasure of embracing my authentic self. Being part of this project will be an amazing celebration with amazing women who are on a similar path of discovery.'

What Tess loved about the 50 over 50 Experience

Tess enjoyed the experience of trying out different poses, expressions and the overall experience, which is different to the branding photography experience she has had for her business. By building a rapport, Tess and I had a relaxed session of chatting while taking portraits.

When she first saw her images, Tess was surprised by the end product. She commented that ‘you captured me as I really am,’ which is not usually seen in her other photos.

That was the ultimate compliment for me!

How Tess Is Empowering Midlife Women

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. And for Tess, that couldn’t be more true when she looks back on her own journey through life.

On reflecting about the life lessons she has learned, Tess says,

'Anything is possible once you know what you want. Through this I have become braver, work less hard, finding my voice has opened my world to so many opportunities, and my few close friends are like gold to me, happiness is noticed more regularly in the smallest of moments.'

What Other Projects is Tess Involved In?

When asked what she's most passionate about in life, Tess explains 'I am passionate about continuous

learning, I love reading books on personal development and personal discovery. Walking and appreciating the beauty in nature that is then reflected back to me in my relationships and joy in coaching my clients. My greatest passion is helping people discover their voice and living a full and fulfilling life.'

To that end, Tess is working on a memoir about her life, which I can’t wait to read when it comes out!


Tess' journey and her mission to empower midlife women through her coaching programmes is an inspiring story of strength and support. Her commitment to helping other women by providing demonstrates her commitment to uplifting other women, which is why I was honoured to photograph Tess for the 50 over 50 campaign.

I hope that Tess' story encourages more women to take part in this transformational experience of the 50 over 50 Project. You won't regret it! Fill out the form below to find out more.

And you can find out more about Tess's coaching services at

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