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Finding Purpose and Renewal Through New Passions

Have you ever found yourself feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or yearning for something more in life? Perhaps you're approaching or have already passed the age of 50 and are wondering what your next chapter will look like. If so, then taking part in the 50 over 50 Project may just be the inspiration you need to reignite your spark!

Join us as we reflect on their experiences and discover how it's never too late to chase your dreams.

Introduction to the “50 over 50” project

The "50 over 50" project is a portrait photography programme which celebrates the lives and beauty of women aged 50 and beyond. Growing older is a privilege and those of us have so much ahead of us at this age!

If you're looking for inspiration in your own journey of self-discovery, we hope you'll enjoy reading these reflections from some of our favourite "over 50" voices.

All About Rosee

Rosee Elliott is an absolute powerhouse who has lived many lives! Rosee was a head teacher during a long-established career in education. However she chose to take a road less travelled by becoming, as she calls herself, an ‘image whisperer’ with the House of Colour.

And now she has embarked on another career: a writer with her first book, ‘Behind the Mirror’ which shares her wisdom and also her knowledge as a specialist in Transactional Analysis.

Rosee decided to take part in the 50 over 50 project because as she says, ‘I am excited to think that women over 50 recognise there is still so much to do and achieve in their lives.’

Of her many achievements in her life, Rosee says that she’s most proud of having written her book last year. As Rosee says , ‘I hope that ‘Behind The Mirror -What Others Don’t See’ will encourage you to remove your masks and allow you to be your best self.’

Rosee is also immensely proud of the wealth she has in her life, by which she means ‘the wealth

of opportunity that I have had throughout my life that has led to so many rich experiences.’

Finally, Rosee says a sign that shows she has lived a great life is that ‘I achieved what I set out to achieve in my professional life and my personal life.

I have seen the world, met some wonderful people and am content and happy with what I have and where I am.’

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