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Creating Magic Together: A Look at Our Collaborative Process with Pro Make Up Artist Jodie Griffith

Have you ever been on artist’s date?

I’m a huge believer in them advised by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way. She believes that:

  • We are all innately creative

  • It’s important to stay connected to our creative spirit

  • A whole day purely to your creativity, through an artist’s date is essential for enhancing our creativity and for bringing new inspiration.

So I was incredibly lucky to do a joint artist date with Jodie Griffith, who is an award-winning hair and make up artist based in Aberdeen.

We collaborated on a portrait session with her three daughters, Cassie, Demi and Tyra. We wanted to showcase something different from our usual client work. Jodie set about creating these incredible visions which highlight her talents in creative and technical hair and make up design.

We then turned Jodie's parents' living room into a studio.

It was such a pleasure to work with Jodie’s daughters. They were at ease in front of the camera, and it reminded me of how much I love working with children and young people.

I came away from this artist’s date invigorated with a renewed love of portrait photography.

Jodie and I are now looking for a fashion or costume designer to collaborate with us on future creative shoots. If you think you can help then please get in touch.

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